Network Marketing / MLM

Benefit From Franchise Models Minus The Downside

Network Marketing / MLM (Multi – Level marketing) is a great way to build your business or get into the business. There are two ways to get into network marketing.

a. As the network marketing company
b. As a distributor

In this page, we discuss getting into the business as a distributor. For information on network marketing as a strategic option for distribution please visit our services page.

Network Marketing is the one business strategy that has resulted in the most millionaires in the world. However, many people are apprehensive about it. The reason for this is the majority of people who get into network marketing expect to make a quick buck but this is not the case. Network marketing requires as much hard work and ability to accept rejection as is required in any other business. Expect to fail just as much as you would with other businesses before success.

However always remember when learning a new business that failure is not the opposite of success but part of success. The greatest advantage with network marketing is that you can avoid a lot of mistakes as you work on a proven model and have a mentor or coach to guide you. This mode of business has been tested by many people because it is often the easiest way to get into business without high costs; you capitalise on the advantages of a franchise without all the disadvantages. Products are often of the highest quality possible. As businesses need to cut costs and employees want a more secure retirement and future, network marketing is considering the best business model for the future.

When businesses produce their products they get to market through a chain of distributors, wholesalers and retailers before they get to the end user. The end user gets to know about the product through the company’s advertising and marketing efforts. Sales people may sell to distributors or directly to clients in the case of high-value items like real estate or cars. The distributor may also have a team of salespeople who sell directly to the client. We refer to as the traditional marketing method. There are to two key shortcomings with this business distribution system. First, there are several middlemen in the distribution chain that need to get paid so the eventual price of the product can be highly elevated. The second shortcoming is that for complex products and totally new innovations, market growth can be slow or marketing costs extremely high as the product requires demonstration and advertising.

A network marketing distribution model not only addresses this but provides a number of economic solutions for the 21st century. This why Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump call it the business of the future. Network marketing is a product distribution model that aims at ensuring the end user gets paid for the products they buy. End users sign up o buy a product and resell it as well as recruit other distributors. The end user is then referred to as a distributor. The distributor is then paid a commission for products they sell (active income) and the products sold by the team they recruit (passive income). Depending on the multi-level marketing structure (payment system) they also get a bonus for accomplishing different goals or levels within the structure of the network marketing company. These bonuses reflect the level of support a distributor will need to give their team for them to be successful.

While the main fault of network marketing as a marketing business is the misunderstanding and interpretation of the process and overzealous distributors failing to clearly explain the hard work and patience required to make the business model work in reality. These result in disillusioned team members who feel the business does not work. Despite this the advantages of network marketing far out ways the downside. Here are some advantages of network marketing.

a. Low marketing costs resulting in high bonuses; network marketing companies sell their products directly to consumers, this lowers advertising cost significantly so there is to pay bonuses for high-performing distributors.

b. Residual income; Unlike working for a manufacturer or in a regular marketing system, with network marketing you continue to earn from your efforts and that of your team. The income is passive; meaning whatever efforts you put into the business in the beginning will provide a residual source of income for a long time. Most companies have basic requirements of performance to continue earning commissions. Thus as with any other start-up business, putting in a massive effort, in the beginning, is crucial for you to create a base from which you earn current and for future income.


While network marketing is relatively new in Africa ( as are many other business structures), there are a good number of local and international network marketing companies in the continent and others looking to enter the African Market. Some of the network marketing companies in the continent include GNLD, Swissgarde, Amway, Avon, Nu Skin, Forever living, Organo Gold, Herbalife, Sunrider. DIPEK / SPACE Global is a local network marketing company operating in Kenya and Uganda.


This is a great opportunity for individuals to earn residual income from airtime purchase through network marketing. SPACE Global works closely with MobiKash elaborated below.   The YouTube Video takes you through the Space Global Business Model. To join and for more information Contact Nicholas Birech on 0722757498 or email The Opportunity is available in Kenya and Uganda.


As with any other business, one needs to consider carefully which network marketing business to join. There are several factors you need to consider;
a. Skillset; joining a company in a sector that you already have knowledge and skills in, shortens the learning curve.

b. Marketing methods; join a company that uses marketing methods you are comfortable with and have experience in or are willing to learn the necessary skills. If the marketing method, for example, focuses on online sales and you are not familiar with the technology, have no access to it and are not willing to learn, there is little chance you would be successful in it.

c.  A system that is realistic; chooses a network marketing  company with a system that can be replicated by people you recruit.  If it uses technology or costs far more than industry averages then it is likely not to be embraced by people around you. This would work against you.

d. Products and services you like; sell products you like. If you are not convinced about the product you are not likely to convince anyone else to love the product of service.

e. Has a good support system. If the company does not have a good support system you will more often than not get stranded and may fail while seeking crucial information that is necessary for your success.


This is a great opportunity for groups and individuals to earn residual income from airtime purchase and money transfer business. Recruit agents in your area and earn from their transactions.

You can also start your own  money transfer booth / kiosk with minimal capital requirements. When you recruit 50 or more active outlets.

Contact us for more information. This opportunity is available in Kenya.



Network Marketing / MLM

Pyramid / Ponzi Schemes

Produce and sell a product or service No Product is sold
Both product sales and recruitment of team members emphasised Recruitment of team members is emphasised
Clear indication of how you make money No clear indication of how money is generated
Structure shows how money is made steadily based on effort and replication based on reality on the ground Structure not based on reality but emotion shows how one makes large amounts of  money in a the short time using a ‘system’

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