Affiliate Selling

Tap Into Residual Income In All Sectors

What affiliate is selling is the most battering and unforgiving method of online marketing because the market is crowded. This does not mean you cannot make money doing affiliate marketing online but that you would really have to know your staff and have a lot of tenacity to be successful. Conversion rates can be pretty low even with advertising. You, therefore, will have to build a large database of potential clients  who buy online. As a result, there is a need for you to be intensely focused in the first three months as you build a following. This is especially if you are working from a zero database and are not an established brand. Below are a couple of tips to get you going.


Focus; pick your affiliate programs carefully and build these first before launching new products. While it is important to have multiple streams of income, spreading yourself too thin does not help you develop your skills fast, the quality of service you offer your readers or build knowledge to enable you to grow a good database of leads to earning good money.

Improve your writing skills; to excel in affiliate marketing, your writing skills need to be top-notch. Most people are not good writers but the good news is that writing skills can be improved in a short time with the right course and practise.  Try the course writing with flair which is one of the best I have seen so far.

Start an affiliate Blog; you need a platform to promote the products and an affiliate blog offers a soft pitch on the products you would be promoting. While social media sites are good, having your own blog gives you the freedom of presentation.

Focus on helping; while free information sites are not a good idea to build sales, this does not mean that you should not help your followers. It is one of the key reasons why they come to your blog or site and providing them with more than just products to buy is a sure way of winning them over. One way of doing this is through reviews. Promote products you have used before or use in your blog. People will click on links and buy from one who has experience with a product more than they would when a link of a product is just posted on social media. Your blog, if it covers the same industry also gives credibility and congruence to your offering and is more convincing.

Your reviews should answer the questions that your readers would ask themselves; is the product good value for money, how does it compare to similar products, is it easy to use for their level of knowledge or skills and so on. Answering these questions requires that you use the product and understand it well. Your reviews should be realistic; addressing both the good and bad points on the product.

Build Product sites/blogs; it is easier for the right target, people who will buy to come to a product site than a free information site. For example, if you go to a site on phones and computers you would do so because and when you want to buy. People seeking free information are less likely to buy and would only want more free information. For this reason, conversion rates on information sites are lower than on product sites.

Tracking; Ensure you track the sources of your sales. This enables you to know which marketing sources are converting so you can replicate and scale up the specific campaigns. You can do this with all you affiliate programmes.


Online marketing sites present the biggest sources of affiliate marketing sites. These are listed on the website here. The most popular include Ebay and Amazon internationally and Jumia and Jovago in the continent.

Opportunities can be in any sectors of choice as long as there are products to sell. It is best to focus on  a sector that you have an interest in. For instance, if you are an avid reader focusing on books will be best because you already have an  advantage and it will be easy for you to make recommendations and give references as you know what to look for.

Most people have more than one hobby, interest or skill. Say you could be a mechanic and enjoy great food. Start blogging on a topic you have the most to offer to say car maintenance products and build your other blogs say one on cooking after you have started earning money from your first blog. This allows you to focus on the skills you need to learn how to build a successful and profitable blog work than on better understanding a topic.

Your next goal will be to build several websites so you are able to earn from a wide network of industries. A minimum of 10 blogs is your goal. However, remember to work on one website at a time.

Feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts on the posts and on any programme that is working in your region or country.


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