Tips on Writing as a Business

Make Money Writing On Topics You Love

Writing services range from academic writing, creative writing to travel, business and advertising copy. Translation and editing services also fall into this category and you could also include writing a book, blog and rapporteurs. Different writing requires different levels of creativity and technical skills in the industry you choose.


A steady source of writing assignments; You need to develop a steady source of writing assignments. As with any other business, demand is key and without customers there will be no clients. Choice of area can be determined by your expertise and industries with demand

Style; your writing style will influence what contracts you are able to secure. Ensure your text is easy to read and understand. Use the appropriate technical language for the industry with technical writing. Any writing for public consumption as in magazines and business writing should avoid very technical language a majority of readers may not be able to relate to it. It is important to consider that different magazines will have different writing styles and you are more likely to get a contract if your writing reflects their own writing style.

Do not plagiarise; you are hired to write original copy. Plagiary will result in cancellation of the contract and puts your contractor in a position that could have legal implications. Ensure you reference any borrowed material appropriately.

Research; your material should be well researched and facts checked and rechecked. While gossip columns draw attention they can also be the cause of numerous lawsuits and loss of contracts.

Become an authority/influence in an industry; being an authority in your industry will naturally lead to people seeking your opinion with time. You can build such authority through research, writing for other blogs, national newspapers, magazines and websites with higher traffic ranking than you.

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There are numerous writing opportunities depending on the industry. Sources range from writing for websites, media houses, having your own blog, organisations; universities, businesses and social media. Different websites also offer writing opportunities.

Tax implications 
Depending on policies in your country, organisations may deduct the tax before paying you if you are on a long-term contract or pay you and expect you to handle your tax obligations if you are on a short term assignment. Clarify this with the tax office.

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Feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts on the posts and on any programme that is working in your region or country.


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