Artificial Plant Business

Sharing The Feeling Of Nature Without The Hustle

Artificial Plants make it possible to have a beautifully lush environment both out and indoors even when conditions make it difficult to grow plants. People use artificial plants for a range of reasons including;

a. Easy maintenance; watering, fertilizing and pruning are not necessary. All you have to do is dust them off when needed.

b. Health; some people are allergic to some plants or pollen and this could affect them. The dirt in the soil also affects others

c. Easy interior decor and landscaping

d. Beauty; Artificial plants that are of good quality can look very natural and perfect. This means they will retain their beauty through different seasons and will not be easily destroyed.

If this is your first venture into the world of artificial plants, trees and silk flowers, you may have some reservations about swapping your live ones. It will be the same for your clients. This could be n option to expand your flower delivery business or the range of products you offer as an artist  or in a gift shop. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose the best quality artificial plants.

Artificial flowers and plants range from five-meter high artificial palm trees to small and sublime flowering baskets and decorative fruit, a whole range of indoor planters, outdoor trails, and grasses, and even smaller decorative pieces, all of which can be used singularly or as a collection to create a natural-looking green space. Work with silk manufacturers who create realistic designs. This should please your most discerning customer. Leaf shape, detail, and quality, plus natural trunks, should combine to make the greenery as close to the real thing as possible. When you use quality products most people will not even notice the difference.

Sources of artificial plants are mainly China and you can get a good number of suppliers from other countries as well. Costs to buy a shipment range from USD 2,000 – USD 10,000. As with other businesses featured, you can start this off as a home business and operate the business part time.

Artificial Lawns

The domestic market already has started using artificial plants. There is an opportunity to expand usage to artificial lawns. Artificial lawns can be used for mini golf courses, gardens, playgrounds, and a whole host of other applications. These are perfect for the home if one suffers from pollen allergies of hay fever. Good quality lawns look and drain like the real thing, providing you with a realistic lush lawn all year round. Just this option has the great opportunity both for domestic and commercial outlets.


Another option in this business would be designing, making and selling artificial plants. Since there are no local producers yet the demand for them is growing there is an opportunity to not only provide this to clients but to supply landscaping professionals and florists.

You could also design and have your designs produced in China. However artificial plants are easy to make, and the raw materials required are available in almost every craft supply store. However to manage cost you may  need to improvise material or still import the material. he better option would have them produced abroad and focus your efforts on design and marketing.

You can market your artificial plants on consignment in supermarkets, through flower shops and other retailers who can buy on wholesale,  or to interior decorators, event planners, restaurants and other end users.


Possible clients for the artificial plant are wide and varied. The only limiting factor would be your choice of quality plants and sales skills. These include;

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Event organisers
  • Theaters
  • Ships
  • Retail outlets
  • Architects
  • interior designers
  • film industry
  • television

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