Mind Renewal In Africa’s Development

Often when we talk of mind renewal, we are referring to the Bible scripture in Romans 12:2 where Paul speaks of the renewing of the mind. It is important to understand that as humans our religious belief is for us to live daily and that quite a lot of language used in scripture is from … Continue reading Mind Renewal In Africa’s Development

A Renewed Mind Is Crucial For Africa’s Transformation

Different schools of thought have debated the issue of poverty in Africa for a long time. There is the school of thought that Africa is poor because there are not enough resources. However, the continent has the largest share of natural resources in the world. While large numbers of development organisations have flooded the continent … Continue reading A Renewed Mind Is Crucial For Africa’s Transformation

Is Information Equal To Success?

In this is information age, the more we know the more we need. Information is more than ever, crucial for every entrepreneur to make wholesome decisions. Without information, we are limited in knowledge and, therefore, cannot make the right decisions. It is said information is the key to success however if this were true most … Continue reading Is Information Equal To Success?

Fast Track To Success 3; Keep On Walking!

I formed a WhatsApp group for my multi-level marketing team and I must say what I consider most disturbing was the lack of focus for the group. Often it felt like I was on my own. Despite all the agreed rules, the only time they made posts it was totally unrelated to the business of … Continue reading Fast Track To Success 3; Keep On Walking!

9 Ways To Motivate Yourself

As entrepreneurs one of the things that we continuously need a good portion of is self motivation. The willingness and ability to keep going when things are not going as I would like them to can be a tall order. And many fall on the sidelines of the entrepreneurial journey.  However, difficult times come and … Continue reading 9 Ways To Motivate Yourself

A Key To Success: Active Commitment 

Another beautiful day, week and my question to you is - how committed are you to your success in the different areas of your life?Whether it's in marriage, your relationship with God, your business or groups you belong to there are simple ways of telling whether someone is committed or not. Commitment is shown in … Continue reading A Key To Success: Active Commitment 

From Ideas To Action – In A Continent Facing Numerous Business Challenges

From Ideas to Actions was the theme of the UNCTAD 14 conference. Even as the delegates tried to discuss what actions should be taken, there are a lot of decisions not yet agreed on. Moving from ideas to action may seem like a tall order but entrepreneurs in Africa, more than anywhere in the world, … Continue reading From Ideas To Action – In A Continent Facing Numerous Business Challenges

Does Your Business Pay You?

For Many Entrepreneurs There Is NO Payday! Your business should be able to pay you. However little. This ensures that you get something out of your efforts even if the business were to go under and gives a sense of satisfaction. Also you would not work for someone else for nothing so treat your self … Continue reading Does Your Business Pay You?

Does Your Business Pay …Hobby Or Business?

The difference between a business you absolutely love doing and a hobby is the business pays. In this section, we discuss the different ways your clients can make payments whether you are serving them off or online. 1. Income: Cash, Credit & Checks   a. Cash For many small businesses, payments are made in cash. … Continue reading Does Your Business Pay …Hobby Or Business?

How Is The Business Doing?

While historically monitoring and evaluation systems are used by NGOs and development organisations to monitor the implementation of projects funded by them, increasingly, inclusive businesses have started using them to evaluate their impact on communities as they focus at the bottom of the pyramid. Many entrepreneurs starting businesses in the continent do so with the … Continue reading How Is The Business Doing?

Business 24/7 – Using Technology To Boost Your Productivity

Technology can help boost your performance or be the barrier to achieving your objectives depending on how it is implemented. While internet connection could be better in most parts of the continent  a good number of technologies for small business is dependent on it. Costs for good internet connection are not necessarily affordable for small … Continue reading Business 24/7 – Using Technology To Boost Your Productivity

Marketing Genius – Advertising & Marketing Your Business Online & Offline

Reaching and retaining customers is one of the major challenges entrepreneurs have when they start their business. While there are many things you can do to market your business, only a handful may work for your industry, business and target market. Before starting any marketing activity, think through the most effective plan of action. Based … Continue reading Marketing Genius – Advertising & Marketing Your Business Online & Offline

Brand Aid – Communicating The Offering

Your branding is your promise to your customers. It tells them what to expect.  Below are some tips on how to go about this: 1. Pricing: A well-branded product will naturally attract the highest prices for its class because people expect that in relation to its branding. As a new entrepreneur, you tend to price … Continue reading Brand Aid – Communicating The Offering

LocknLoad Offers In May!!

Click on the link below to choose the offer you want. Call us on 0722817355 to purchase offer. Click Here to find out the discount rates Advertising on Synergy Blog - Throughout May Book African Entrepreneur's Start - Up Guide - Only on 27th - 30th Business Coaching - Throughout May Personal and Life Goals … Continue reading LocknLoad Offers In May!!

Looking Good – It’s In The Mail

There have been various mailing systems through the years. Few people use direct mail or snail mail in today's terms. However, direct mail is still used for official communication, bills, and bank statements. Some companies still use direct mail for marketing, however, they are few in the continent. More marketers are turning to using different … Continue reading Looking Good – It’s In The Mail